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We offer equality and diversity training to support organisations, public, private, NGO and others in compliance and how to promote equality and diversity.

We always look for effective and innovative ways in conducting Equality and Diversity training. We also encourage, participation, enjoyable, practicable value for the investment.

We use case studies, videos, role plays and small group-work sessions to ensure involvement and retain interest. Our trainings are delivered by experts: our consultancy team offers you not just subject expertise, but senior management experience, so we understand management issues and are authoritative and credible.

All our work is evaluated and changes made where necessary to ensure maintain a high level of quality. We, at Challenge Life Ltd always study your requirement and your organisation before designing or redesigning our training programmes to suit your needs.

We have conducted several training programmes under the following areas for the NGO, public, and private sectors:

  • Compliance and Managing Equality, Diversity and Human Rights legislative requirements.Training available for One day and one week.
  • Compliance and promoting Disability Equality (One day training). All training covers workforce equality and service delivery Equality and Diversity.
  • Compliance and promoting Race Equality (One Day training)
  • Compliance and promoting Gender Equality ( One Day training)
  • Compliance and promoting Sexuality Equality (One day Training)
  • Compliance and promoting Religion or beliefs (one day Training)
  • Compliance and promoting Age equality (One day Training)
  • Equality Approach, Business Case Approach, and Human Rights Approach.
  • Equality and Diversity Champions (One day training )
  • Equality Impact Assessment (Policy and service delivery) One day and one week.
  • Equality, diversity and human rights Awareness (Race, gender, disability, Sexuality, Age, and Religion or beliefs) ( One day training)
  • Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Awareness (one hour or one day training for each strand).

‘Strategies and resources towards success’ – Leadership Management Training

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