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Professional, Effective, Implementable, Equality Diversity, and Human Rights Consultancy and Training
We will work with you to embrace, embody and embed diversity into your organisational practice to exploit business opportunities and meet your legal,moral and ethical obligations.

Client Testimonials

The Challenge Life Ltd services are professional, effective and practicable in addressing the workforce equality issues.

Nicole Gee, Assistant Director Human Resources, Camden Primary Care Trust

Challenge Life Ltd provided a range of consultancy and Training to support Islington NHS Equality and Diversity, specific to Workforce Equality.

This invaluable support has enabled us to develop further a truly inclusive diversity agenda, providing us  with a clear vision of the organisational capacity needed as well as helping us to set realistic, achievable and meaningful outcomes which now being integrated with our organisation.

Mike Veale, Business Development Manager NHS Islington  


Manoj Somasundaram presented disability equality training and its was well prepared, pitched at the right level, varied in pace and method to keep the audience's attention, involved a lot of interactivity and audience participation, used visuals well, and achieved its Learning Objectives. Manoj obviously knew his subject in depth.

Helen Davis, Principal Lecturer, London Metropolitan Business School .

Manoj has delivered a number of equality and diversity courses on behalf of Equality Link Consultancy Ltd (ELC) to the Public sector.  Manoj is a very knowledgeable and competent individual who has many personal experiences of disability equality and diversity issues.  We will defiantly be using Manoj again in the near future.  



Innovative Equality and Diversity consultancy and Training

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