Strategic Management Support

We are an organisation of innovative strategy management and organisational development.

We make significant contributions to the ways in which organisations work with diversity, change and organisational processes.

  • Strategic Business Reviews : How effective is your diversity strategy?
  • Compliance with Equality diversity and Human Rights Legislative requirements.
  • Support with Commercial Tender bids and procurement contracts by meeting equality requirements
  • Strategic Policy Development
  • Inclusive Leadership and Vision interventions
  • Executive and Management Coaching in Equality and Diversity
  • Diversity Audits and Benchmarking
  • Top Team Workshops
  • Attracting and retaining talent from majority and minority groups
  • Employee and service users involvement and participation
  • Sales and Customer attraction/retention strategies
  • Full and comprehensive Diversity audit and review
  • Review of Internal HR Polices, Procedures and practices
  • Managing Equality Impact Assessment process on polices and Services.
  • Disability Accessibility Audit and recomentations.

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