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Professional, Effective, Implementable, Equality Diversity, and Human Rights Consultancy and Training
We will work with you to embrace, embody and embed diversity into your organisational practice to exploit business opportunities and meet your legal,moral and ethical obligations.

About Us > Manoj Somasundaram , MA , HRM, Chartered MCIPD

Manoj is a co-founder of Challenge Life Ltd and has extensive experience in equality and diversity consultancy, supporting leading private, public and NGO (voluntary) sectors.

To date, he has completed many Equality and Diversity professional training courses including the ‘Disability Equality Trainer Training' course at Scope, and the ‘Equality and Diversity Trainer training' at Equality and Diversity UK Ltd. He has also completed a practical course in Managing Diversity and the Law, at CIPD; Disabled Access Auditing, at the Centre for Accessible Environment; and constructing Equality Impact Assessments, at DLA Piper.

Manoj is also a member of the ‘Breaking Through –Towards Strategies for Success' Leadership training programme conducted by the NHS Institute for Innovation & Improvement. He has a clear understanding of current issues relating to equality and diversity in the public, private and NGO sectors.

Manoj has worked with many organisations in setting up monitoring systems with clear performance measures, indicators, targets and outputs to assess implementation and effectiveness of organisations' equality and diversity polices and initiatives.

To date he has conducted many interactive equality workshops and training sessions. He has also managed many development projects for hard to reach groups, identifying the needs of key ethnic minority communities and managed projects to improve their quality of life.

He has used many tactics to simplify anti-discrimination legislation and has utilised the Equality Impact Assessment process with staff, managers and general service users. Simplifying legislation using plain English, flow charts, practicable examples, case-laws, and workshops, has made it easier for service users to understand.

So far Manoj has conducted many research projects which include best practice in effective involvement of marginalised community members in the management of equality and diversity. He has also provided advice on many community involvement projects with target groups; BME groups; Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Working Groups; the Disability Action Group and LGBT network.

Moreover, Manoj has a wealth of experience in International Disability Development and is a member of the International Disability Development Committee (UKDPC). He has been involved in many projects regarding international development and advising NGOs in disability equality and managing development projects.


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