About us

We are a UK Based, international Equality and Diversity specialist organisation. We help our clients (local and global) to develop and implement Equality and Diversity strategies, and help them with ‘change management programmes’ that deliver positive results

Our clients come from the commercial, professional, public, and NGO sectors, and range from small organisations with fewer than 5 employees, to multinational corporations and major government departments.

At Challenge Life Ltd, we have a team of highly professional and supportive consultants and trainers, who have come from different backgrounds and have different experiences.

We have over 40 associate consultants and trainers, including Jaspal Dhani , and Ian Dots  who provide services for our clients in the UK and overseas.

We recognise that each client has a unique culture, specific issues and individual requirements. Therefore we take time to match the most appropriate consultant or team to work with you to achieve the outcomes you want.

Manoj Soma , MA, HRM, Chartered FCIPD
Manoj is a co-founder of Challenge Life Ltd and CEO of Choice-International
Throughout his career he has worked with private, public and third sector organisations, helping organisations comply with legislative requirements and in the promotion of the business case of equality and diversity. His experience includes workforce equality and management, cultural integration and strategic HR planning and support.

He has a Masters degree in Human Resource Management and he has been a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD), where he was awarded Fellow CIPD in recognition for his outstanding contribution to the field.

He is also a member of the Institute of Equality and Diversity practitioners (IEDP) and of ‘Breaking Through– Towards Strategies for Success’ Leadership training programme conducted by the NHS Institute for Innovation & Improvement.

Dr Ian Dodds

Ian Dodds is specialises in organisational transformation to enable clients to reap the profit generation and efficiency gain benefits from building an inclusive culture.

Linked Consultants

Nola Ishmael
Nola Ishmael, OBE,  is a qualified nurse and health visitor. She was the first black person to become a director of nursing in London and helped shape policy in the Department of Health. She was involved with our BME Project with NHS Islington in 2008.

Esther Maynard
Esther Maynard is a specialist in equality law, policy and practice working in the field for over 10
years. She previously worked at the Equality and Human Rights Commission where she led on high
profile equality and human rights projects including the Equality Act Statutory Code of Practice
on Employment. Esther has worked with employers in the private, public and third sector on
embedding best equality practice into their employment and services functions. She is particularly
interested in working with employers on increasing diversity through the use of lawful positive
action measures.

Esther is passionate about diversity and inclusion and has a keen interest in how social innovation
and corporate social responsibility can be levered to advance equality of opportunity.

Esther is a Solicitor and has a Masters in Human Rights Law.

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