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Professional, Effective, Implementable, Equality Diversity, and Human Rights Consultancy and Training
We will work with you to embrace, embody and embed diversity into your organisational practice to exploit business opportunities and meet your legal,moral and ethical obligations.

About Us

We are a UK Based, international Equality and Diversity specialist organisation. We help our clients (local and global) to develop and implement Equality and Diversity strategies, and help them with ‘change management programmes' that deliver positive results

Our clients come from the commercial, professional, public, and NGO sectors, and range from small organisations with fewer than 5 employees, to multinational corporations and major government departments.

Founder Manoj Somasundaram, MA, HRM, Chartered MCIPD has over 15 years experience in helping to lead private, public and NGO sectors in Europe and Asia, in compliance with legislative requirements and promoting the Business Case of Equality and Diversity.

At Challenge Life Ltd, we have a team of highly professional and supportive consultants and trainers, who have come from different backgrounds and have different experiences.

We have over 40 associate consultants and trainers, including Jaspal Dhani , Kush Kanodia MBA and Dr Nola Ishmael who provide services for our clients in the UK and overseas.

We recognise that each client has a unique culture, specific issues and individual requirements. Therefore we take time to match the most appropriate consultant or team to work with you to achieve the outcomes you want.


Manoj Somasundaram , MA , HRM, Chartered MCIPD

Manoj is a co-founder of Challenge Life Ltd and has extensive experience in equality and diversity consultancy, supporting leading private, public and NGO (voluntary) sectors.

Jaspal Dhani
Jaspal Dhani has gained significant experience in senior management within the disability field addressing issues such as housing, independent living, education, employment, health policy and service development.

Kush Kanodia
Kush Kanodia has a great deal of experience in both the financial sector and Equality and Diversity.

Nola Ishmael
Nola Ishmael, OBE, (pictured) is a qualified nurse and health visitor. She was the first black person to become a director of nursing in London and helped shape policy in the Department of Health.


Innovative Equality and Diversity consultancy and Training

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